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Choose the Right Insurance for Your Law Firm

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Working in the legal system means dealing with large volumes of personal information – personal information that your clients trust you to protect. Lawyers deal with very specific risks on the job, so they require very specific insurance to handle that. With the right business insurance in Orlando, FL, you can ensure that your firm is protected.

General liability

General liability insurance is designed to protect your law firm from lawsuits concerning property damage or injury. If a client is injured in your office or on the premises, or perhaps an employee damages a client’s property while visiting their home, that will be covered. General liability can even protect your business against slander and libel. However, it is important to note that general liability does not include liabilities that are directly related to your legal services.

Professional liability

If your firm is held liable for an incident directly related to your business, you can ensure that you are protected with professional liability insurance. This type of business insurance helps you prevent significant losses to your business as the result of a negligent claim.

Umbrella coverage

With umbrella coverage, you can be prepared for everything. This type of insurance is great for filling in gaps in your insurance policy that you may not know you had. It can also mean you are protected if something unexpected occurs.

Property insurance

Your law firm needs a home base, so it is essential to protect your physical property. Property insurance protects against damage to your office building, as well as to your files, records, and equipment.

When you need business insurance designed around your law firm, speak to our capable insurance agents at 407.277.2400.