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Rental Car Coverage is important - So plan Now!

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Rental Car Coverage is important only when you need a rental- So you need to plan now! 

When your car is in the shop for a covered loss repair, you may require a rental car but most people are unaware that their base policy won’t cover a rental car. They find themselves in a bind, with no way to get to work or no way to get the kids where they need to go.

Loss of use or rental car reimbursement, depending on what your insurance company calls it, is an optional coverage endorsed on your base policy when you have comprehensive and/ or collision coverages.  This optional coverage will help cover the cost of a rental car when their vehicle is being repaired.

How it works

In adding loss of use coverage to your policy, you will need to decided and select the desired coverage limits. The limits of coverage chosen will affect the premium, but also determine how much is covered each day and the maximum allowable for each loss. 

Lower Limits

Higher Limits

$25 per day coverage

Up to $75 per day coverage

$750 max coverage

Up to $2,250 max coverage

May be limited to small economy autos. You may have to pay some out of your pocket.

Broader selection of autos which could include luxury styles of autos

Each insurance company has their own lower and higher limits.  Some companies may only have one option for you to choose from.  Others may have 3 to 4 options for you to choose from. You decide which coverage is best for you.  How much you wish to have if a rental car is needed when you have a covered loss.

Your insurance agent is one that can help you in deciding which coverage is the best fit for you.  If your agent hasn’t explained the importance of rental car coverage to you, then he isn’t doing his job.  You may need to find another agent.  Lee Rogers at the Florida Insurance Group, in Orlando Florida, would be glad to earn your business.