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The Importance of the Insurance Agents’ Role and How to Choose an Agent Right for You

It is important to know the role of your agent and how he/ she benefits you.  “That role could save you or cost you money, and I’m not just speaking about the premium,” says Lee Rogers from the Florida Insurance Group in Orlando Florida.  Your up-front choices or lack of choices before you purchase your policy, aren’t usually realized or felt until you need to file a claim.  It is then when you become aware of the shortcomings of your coverage, along with the shortcuts taken by the agent to get your business in the first place.

Knowing up front if the agent works for you or the insurance company is essential.  In most cases, there are two different types of agents:

1- Captive Agent or Independent Contractor- These are agents that are employed by the insurance company (W2) or an Independent Contractor (1099) by the insurance company, to exclusively sell their policies.  These agents are usually limited to only what their company offers or appetite of risk.

2- Independent Agent or Broker- These are agents that work for their clients.  They usually have contracts with multiple insurance companies and offer more options to their clients.  More options usually mean better coverages for the same or better price. 



When selecting your agent, use common sense and do your homework. Your first step should be to Google the agent’s name and the agency that they represent. Check out any reviews, testimonials or articles that may relate to them.  You should check out their social media pages to find out more about them, but make sure you do a Google review.

Also, check out their website for information about companies that they represent and what they proclaim to do.  In Florida, you can go to and find out how many different companies that we represent and offer to our clients at our insurance agency in Orlando.

“The agent should put the client’s or policyholder’s needs first and always above their own,” according to Lee Rogers, at Florida Insurance Group and!  “The client should always come first-- not the insurance companies or the agent. If a captive agent works for the insurance company, who are they loyal too, the company or the client?”

A simple way to remember which type of agent to use:

  1. A captive agent’s job or role is to find people that best fit their insurance company preferences.  To find people that will fit into their insurance company underwriting guidelines.
  2. An independent agent’s job or role is to find the best company or companies that best fit the client.  Simply put, find the best company and price for the client.

There are many other things that are important when selecting an agent, but one of the most important is to choose an agent that you’re comfortable with--one that you like and feel that is trustworthy.  It is your comfort level that must be met, not theirs.  If you don’t feel that the agent is putting your best interest before theirs, leave him/ her quickly and find another.  There are hundreds of good independent agents looking for new clients, and they will put your interests before theirs.

Lee Rogers
Principal Agent
Lee R. Rogers Agency
DBA- Florida Insurance Group