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What is a Home Insurance Rider, and Do You Need One?

Jewelry box full of fine jewelry


Buying home insurance can be a tricky process, especially when you add in factors like riders. A rider, also known as an endorsement, allows you to add extra coverage to a standard insurance policy. The question is, do you need this additional coverage for your home insurance in Orlando, FL?

What Do Riders Cover?

Riders are intended to cover high-value items that are not covered by your normal insurance policy. For example, if you own expensive jewelry, fine art, or antiques, you probably need a rider. Normal home insurance policies only cover the basic essentials, which keeps prices down for the average household. Getting a rider is like getting a small insurance policy for luxury items.

Alternatives to a Rider

If many of your items are excluded from your insurance coverage, you may also consider getting a more high-value insurance policy. Policy limits on these high-value plans are much higher, meaning that you will need a smaller rider. You may not need one at all, depending on what you need insured.

Working with a Reliable Insurance Agent

A good insurance agent will help you ensure that your home insurance policy fits your unique needs. Work with an agent at Florida Insurance Group today to determine if you need a rider, or if a high-value policy is right for you. Our team will help you find the right policy for your budget, so contact us today.