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What Should You Do After Your Home Floods? (Part 1)

flooded living room

In the wake of a flood, your first priority is making sure your family is safe and has a place to stay until your home is in livable condition again. Once you’ve gotten everyone accounted for, here are the next steps you should take:

Prevent Further Damage

If you can enter your home after the flood, you need to cut the power immediately. Do not try to salvage your personal belongings until you take care of this step, as standing water can carry an electrical current that can injure you or start a fire.

If you are planning to enter your home, make sure to do a visual inspection for things like a collapsed roof or anything that could indicate that it is not safe to go inside.

Gather Your Paperwork

Repairing the damage to your home can be expensive, but if you have flood insurance in Orlando, FL, you can file a claim. You will need to gather your homeowners’ insurance records, documentation of any flood insurance coverage you have, your ID, and proof of ownership for your house. It is essential to keep these documents in a waterproof safe so that they do not become damaged in a flood. Make sure it is safe to enter your home before attempting to retrieve these documents.

These are just the first two steps that you need to take to recover from flood damage. In our next post, we’ll discuss three more key steps that homeowners need to take following a flood.