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Minor Violation Forgiveness

Everyone Deserves Another Chance.

We know that if you are a safe driver, you take every precaution possible when behind the wheel. However, if you receive a citation without the right car insurance in Orlando, FL, that one minor violation could affect your good driving record.

At Florida Insurance Group, we can help you find the right coverage options for you, like minor violation forgiveness, which allows you to avoid rate increases due to accidental points on your license.

When you add minor violation forgiveness to your car insurance in Seminole County, FL, you will be prepared if you receive a minor traffic citation. Like accident forgiveness, this applies only once per policy, and the coverage renews after three years of the most recent minor violation. 

Even safe drivers make a mistake from time to time, which is why you need to add minor violation forgiveness to your auto insurance in Orlando, FL, so that your rates won’t increase the first time you receive a minor traffic citation.  To find out more about how you can protect your reputation as a safe driver, contact Florida Insurance Group today.