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Home Insurance in Orlando, FL

For Florida homeowners, protection against exposures is essential. Home to some of the most frequent and strong storms and floods in the United States, Florida’s home regularly face the prospect of damages from natural occurrences. For this reason, home insurance in Orlando, FL, and across the Sunshine State is absolutely essential. At Florida Insurance Group we have a comprehensible and adaptable home insurance program that provides any homeowner full protection for the right price.


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Coverage Tailored to Your Needs

Home insurance coverages range from structure and property to high-value item and natural disaster(hurricane, flood, storm, and other). For Floridians, home insurance is typically more cost-prohibitive than it is for residents of most other states. The flat terrain, coastal territory, and exposure to fluctuating weather patterns contribute to the cost-prohibitive nature of home insurance. However, our Florida insurance agency can help lessen the financial burden or thorough and effective home insurance. We carefully select coverages that reflect each policyholder’s needs, and we create optimal policies using these coverages. This way clients save money and have the protection that accurately reflects their needs.


As an independent insurer we partner with different carriers and as a result, we can ‘shop’ on behalf of our clients for coverages that are most appropriate and cost-efficient. These coverages include:

  • Property Coverage
  • Content Coverage
  • Homeowners Liability
  • Personal Injury 
  • Ground Collapse
  • Mold Damage
  • Animal Liability
  • Association Loss Assessment
  • Water Back Up
  • Golf Cart Liability Coverage
  • Loss of Use
  • In-Home Business Insurance


Beyond strategic policy development, there is more hope for aptly-priced home insurance on the horizon. The Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (the ‘Cat Fund’) has helped make ‘hurricane’ taxes that relate to tropical storms that hit Florida in 2004 and 2005 disappear from homeowners’ insurance bills. As a result, home insurance is less cost-prohibitive and will continue to be increasingly less cost-prohibitive over time. This makes it easier for you the homeowner, to secure the right home insurance without paying an arm and a leg. Our insurance agency in Orlando can help facilitate this, and to get started you only have to speak with an agent.


As is the case throughout Florida and in any state in the U.S., it is usually best to insurer both your car and home with the same agent or same agency.  By do that they can make sure that there isn’t any holes or gaps in your coverages.  They also can identify any extra discounts available that will reduce your premium cost.   We will help you find the best auto and home insurance that best meets your needs. To learn more, just ask your agent.


In addition to home and auto insurance combinations and special insurance for hurricanes and tropical storms, we can help you find the flood insurance you need to stay protected against water damage that results from floods.  Ask your agent how you can get this kind of coverage.  


To learn more, please contact us or give us a call.  You can also request a quote if you are ready to start on a policy.


Florida Insurance Group is proud to provide home insurance in Orlando, Longwood, Winter Park, Lake Mary, Clermont, and Oviedo, FL.  We also serve other areas in the state.