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Landlords Insurance from our Florida Insurance Agency

Being a landlord is a role that comes with great stress and great responsibility. Among other things, renters might damage your property, not pay on time, stay longer than they should or be harmed on your property. Florida Insurance Group offers landlord insurance to customers in Orlando and throughout Florida to help ease those burdens and protect your interests.


Maintaining landlord insurance is a smart way to make sure your investments are safeguarded when renting residential property to tenants and any financial losses connected with your rental properties are covered. Landlord insurance makes sure that your investment property can continuously keep repairs in order and find yourself the right tenants. While landlord insurance covers your building and could insure the contents within, note that landlord insurance typically doesn’t cover tenants’ personal items.



This type of insurance policy is purchased to cover a dwelling that is occupied by a tenant. The landlord of the dwelling is the insured, and both property and liability coverage are usually included. An exception is where liability coverage is being extended by a blanket commercial liability policy to multiple locations. Our insurance agency in Orlando can help you determine what your policy covers, including:

  • Damage to your property or other attached structures from a fire, natural disaster, or other peril, including damage caused by tenants
  • Expenses you may be legally obligated to pay for the property damage or medical payments in the event of injury
  • Legal counsel and fees in the event of a related lawsuit
  • Additional expenses to make up for lost income if your property needs to be repaired through loss of use


Because of the variety of options available, an insurance specialist at our Florida insurance agency is available to make sure you have the right amount of coverage for your rental property at a price that meets your budget. With the benefits of a Landlords Insurance policy, you can rent to tenants with the confidence of knowing your investment is secure.


Protect your property with landlord insurance in Florida by calling Florida Insurance Group at 1-888-525-2210 for a free quote.