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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are just as much of a motor vehicle as the average car. As such, they need to be insured. However, motorcycle insurance is distinct from the average auto policy, and you must customize yours to your needs in order to reap the full benefits. Your plan will ensure that you are protected from any problem you might run into when you hit the road. 

What Is Motorcycle Insurance?  

Your motorcycle is unique to you, and it’s important to recognize that riding a bike is a lot different from driving a car. There are higher operating risks directly related to the fact that you are running a two-wheeled vehicle that leaves you completely exposed to the elements. It’s harder to control this bike and protect yourself when a hazard arises. 

Motorcycle insurance is designed to insure you against this level of risk with personalized coverage. It will contain many of the same benefits found within your auto insurance, such as: 

  • Liability insurance 
  • Physical damage insurance 
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage 
  • Medical payments/PIP coverage 

You can also include customized benefits within your plan, such as equipment insurance, gap insurance, rental reimbursement and roadside assistance. 

Obtain Your Personalized Motorcycle Insurance 

At Florida Insurance Group, we believe in providing tailored motorcycle insurance to every biker, whether they’re full-time or casual riders. We provide riders in Orlando, FL & Winter Park with the quality benefits they deserve at affordable prices. 

Just like your car, we want to make sure your bike is protected, too. Florida Insurance Group agents will work with each client to create a policy that best fits their needs. Contact us today to get started on your motorcycle coverage before your next big adventure on the open road.